14th MARCH, 2019, LONDON

Evidence, Innovation and Practice

Organised by the King’s Centre for Military Health Research with support by the Forces in Mind Trust. Bringing together leading academics, researchers, medical professionals and charities to discuss the key issues in military mental health.

The King's Centre for Military Health Research is the leading civilian UK centre of excellence for military health research and independent of the UK Ministry of Defence, our work has help shape government policy towards military personnel with our research published in high impact journals such as the British Medical Journal and The Lancet.

The Centre is co-directed by Professor Simon Wessely and Professor Nicola Fear. The Centre draws on the experience of a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of research portfolios. The aim of the Centre is to produce relevant scientific research at the highest level. The Centre offers an MSc in War and Psychiatry.

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Prof Sir Simon Wessely


Prof Zahava Solomon


Ms. Kacie Kelly


Dr Heidi Cramm


Jonathan Beale


Sue Freeth


Dr Jonathan Leach


Dr Charles Winstanley


Prof Jonathan Bisson

Deirdre MacManus

Dr Deirdre MacManus

Edgar Jones

Prof Edgar Jones

Daniel Phillips

Daniel Phillips

Anna Marcinkiewicz

Anna Marcinkiewicz

Beverly Bergman

Dr Beverly Bergman

Dominic Murphy

Dr Dominic Murphy

Neil Greenbergh

Prof Neil Greenberg


Agenda subject to change.

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Session 1

Chaired by: Prof Sir Simon Wessely, King’s Centre for Military Health Research

Opening Remarks

Prof Sir Simon Wessely King’s Centre for Military Health Research

The longer term mental health impacts of military service on veterans and their families

Prof Zahava Solomon Tel Aviv University

Innovative Approaches to Empowering Veterans to Seek Care

Ms. Kacie Kelly George W. Bush Institute

Serving in the emergency services after military service

Dr Heidi Cramm Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research

The media’s view of the mental health of veterans

Jonathan Beale BBC

Lunch and Networking

Session 2

Chaired by: Sue Freeth, Combat Stress

100 Years and going strong

Sue Freeth Combat Stress

NHS initiatives to improve the mental health of veterans

Dr Jonathan Leach NHS

Working together to improve the mental health of the Armed Forces Community

Dr Charles Winstanley Contact

Innovations in the treatment of PTSD in veterans

Prof Jonathan Bisson Cardiff University

What do we know about domestic violence and the military

Dr Deirdre MacManus King's Centre for Military Health Research

Afternoon tea

Session 3

Chaired by: Hans Pung, Forces in Mind Trust

The symptoms and beliefs of UK Veterans with long-term psychological wounds: what are the implications for practice today?

Prof Edgar Jones King's Centre for Military Health Research

The mental health needs of military personnel: A review of the research evidence and key stakeholder perspectives

Daniel Phillips NatCen

Anna Marcinkiewicz NatCen

The mental health of veterans in Scotland

Dr Beverly Bergman Glasgow University

Moral Injury in military veterans

Dr Dominic Murphy Combat Stress

The End of the Day

Prof Neil Greenberg Royal College of Psychiatrists Lead for Military and Veterans’ Health


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  • all refreshments
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Poster Competition

Competition is OPEN

The poster competition aims to showcase active research in the Armed Forces community.

Key Information: Poster abstracts (300 words) must be submitted by 06/01/2019. The abstract should include a funding statment (not included in the word count). Notification of acceptance will be made on the 20/01/2019. Presenters must purchase a ticket for the conference, and attend.

Prizes: Four posters, most highly regarded by an expert panel, will be awarded cash prizes for the following categories: 1) Overall Academic Choice, 2) Sponsors' Choice, 3) Innovative Research, 4) Greatest Impact.

Submission: Please submit a 300 word structured abstract to [email protected]. Abstracts will be published alongside the poster.


Veterans' Mental Health Conference 2019 will once again be hosted in the Great Hall at King's College London. The Great Hall was built in 1829, and over the years has been a prominent location for high end balls and gala dinners.


Neil Greenberg

Neil Greenberg

Victoria Williamson

Victoria Williamson

Daniel Leightley

Daniel Leightley

Alison McKinlay

Alison McKinlay

David Grier

David Grier